Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cinnamon Pull-apart Bread and Green Tea Red Bean Bread

Bread 1: Cinnamon Pull-apart Bread

I got an inspiration for a way to make cinnamon bread from joythebaker.

Except I didn't use her recipe, I just used my own trusty cinnamon bread recipe (swapped out the honey for sugar cos I wanted to make Green Tea Red Bean Bread at the same time). I DID use her cinnamon filling recipe though (with the additional nutmeg) but added a lot more cinnamon cos I love cinnamon.

Was way too lazy to keep rounding up balls of cinnamon buns (time consuming)! And this was a great way to deal with that problem!

Both my sisters loved the top crust...

The bottom was a little soggy though, and required additional upside down bake.

Wonder why I keep getting soggy bottoms. Is it the oven or the baking pans?

Am totally tempted to try her recipe though! Apparently darn easy to make, even WITHOUT a standing mixer! (which I totally want but do not own)

Bread 2: Green Tea Red Bean Bread

So I had leftover frozen red bean paste from few weeks back. And I had this URGE to make Green Tea bread. And I did! Used the same proportions as the Panda Bread.

Flattened the dough, added tons of red bean paste, rolled it up like a swiss roll, rise and baked!

I thought there was way too much red bean compared to the typical Green Tea Bread you get at e.g. BreadTalk, but who said that has to be the way right? Anyway, Jia seems to like the red bean part. So whatever makes my family wanna eat works well for me. :)

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