Sunday, October 19, 2014

(Quite) Thin Crust Pizza

Ham and Bacon Pizza with Arugula

Dad's been complaining that our herbs have outgrown their little pots, and it's time to use them up. He didn't want his hardwork to result in dead herbs. :P

So, after procrastinating for a few weeks, I decided to make pizza today! It was a great decision because I didn't have any plans to meet anyone today.

Grace Jie loved the pizza base. And the pizza in general, possibly because mom actually got some cheese and I sprinkled some for them before baking their pizzas.

Mine, of course, are dairy free. They still taste and look good (in my opinion):

The same pizza but without cheese! ^^

Recipe from Tasting Table. I didn't change the recipe, but did change the way I handled the dough, simply because..... I didn't read the instructions. LOL! At least it was still tasty!

Anyway, instead of splitting the dough into pieces and letting it rise for 2 hours, I let it "rise" at room temp for 2 hours after taking it out of the fridge (I put it into the fridge overnight so insects/pests won't get to it), separated it into pieces, floured generously then let it rest for maybe 10 mins before working on it.

I couldn't really get the crust to be super thin because it would tear or the sauce would seep through, so yea. But I didn't get any complaints from the family (who prefers Thin Crust Pizza anytime), so I guess it was fine! ^^

Citrus Poppy Seed Muffins

My sis came back from Canada about 2 weeks ago, and she brought back some interesting flours / grains / seeds.

One of them was poppy seeds. I think she got the idea from the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins they sold at the cafes in Canada.

I've actually made it once a few years ago using poppy seeds I found in Australia's supermarket. I don't even remember which recipe I used then. But I was excited to make it again simply because I love lemons. :D

Today, I used a recipe from Baking Bites that I had bookmarked for years. It's called Ctirus Poppy Seed Muffins because it uses Orange and Lemon, but the taste of Lemon really stands out. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast this morning! I went for something simple this weekend because I've been tired out from baking macarons everyday (and failing miserably at that). I absolutely need a break from super sweet treats because I've been wolfing down the failed macaron shells at an unhealthy pace. :D

I originally wanted to make some Earl Grey Chiffon today, but since I've been using up the eggs at an (again) unhealthy pace, I figured I should just bake something real simple. So, pancakes it was.

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