Saturday, August 23, 2014

Apple Pie Puff Pastry

We made Sardine puffs again last Sunday. As usual, the can of sardines wasn't big enough to use up all the puff pastry. 

So I thought to myself: Maybe I would make some apple pie? 

I figured if I chopped up some apples and mixed in some cinnamon & sugar, it should taste similar to an apple pie.  I did a quick search online and it seems fine. Ok, actually quite a few recipes required us to cook  the apples with the seasoning first... but I was short of time, and really tired from rolling out all that puff pastry. So, I decided to just chop the apples and throw them into some cinnamon and sugar. *laughs*

I was worried the cinnamon taste wouldn't come through strong enough, so I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top. Turned out messy looking.

I also cut 3 little vents on each pie. I wasn't sure why, but I recalled that most recipes I had read about apple pies require cutting of vents. So I did the same. 

But guess what? I really liked the taste of the apple pies. It's refreshing, and I liked that there's still a little chew in the apples. ^^


So fast forward to this weekend... Because my family is on a crazy snacky mood for the 3rd week now, we had sardine puffs and apple pie again. 1 hour after lunch. We are seriously crazy. We were stuffed, but no, we had to snack.

I requested Mom to keep a few pieces for the apple pies and so she decided to use a smaller can of sardines (we were also only using half the puff pastry (got to love puff pastry squares - faster to roll out and you can opt to only use a portion of the entire pack!). 

Glazed, and ready to hop into the oven

Freshly baked

Nom nom! 

I'm actually starting to prefer the apple pie to sardine puffs. Maybe because it's sweet. ;)

However, Mom and Er Jie don't like cooked fruits. So there's no way I can make a big batch of those. Then again, variety rocks. So we'll just continue to make different flavoured puffs. 

Marbled Matcha Castella (Kasutera) Cake

I decided to make Castella Cake again last night. The recipe from JustOneCookbook worked great, but Er Jie got bored of the taste after 2 slices!

So, instead of just making the plain Castella Cake, I decided to make Matcha Marbled Castella, taking the idea from Anncoo Journal. I didn't use her recipe for the Castella Cake itself, since the one from JustOneCookbook worked fine (and was loved by all).

To create the green tea batter, I took 1/2 tbsp of match powder, dissolved it in 2 tsbp hot water as indicated in the recipe from Anncoo Journal, then mixed it into 120g of the batter. Strangely though, the green tea layer turned out very light (compared to the colour I saw at Anncoo Journal). The mixture was also very watery. I wonder if I could have added just 1 or 1.5 tbsp of hot water instead.

I found the green tea taste a little too faint, but I guess it's good in a way because mom doesn't like green tea cakes (that's the main reason why I didn't use the recipe for fully Green Tea Castella, though I think it would have been yummy).

Oh, I also reduced the sugar in the cake by 18g, because Dad commented that it was too sweet the last time.

For some reason, my 6 eggs were heavier today: 320g. The first time, they were 300g.

I must have done something right this time, because the cake didn't stick to the baking paper. All four sides are nicely baked!

Ok, I know that I'm supposed to slice off the two sides to look like a real Castella cake, but I find that a waste of perfectly good cake. Since it's just for the family to nom on, I kept it as it is. ;)

  • Cyn: Liked it. Preferred this to the previous one because this is less moist and less dense.  Loved that it's a marbled cake.. so sometimes you taste the green tea, sometimes you taste the nice honey flavoured castella.  She could also tell it was slightly less sweet, but felt that it brought out the other flavours better this way. Good! *update: Cyn ate the cakes again today, so it must be better. Side note: the shorter cake tasted better in her opinion cos there was more green tea in each slice. I guess it's because the pan is wider and hence the green tea batter spreads out more evenly?*
  • Mom: Ate two slices in a row. I'm guessing it was good.
  • Dad: Still felt it was too sweet, but reckoned it was the honey he was tasting.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Poh Piah

So, dad finally got me a voltage converter for my food processor. Happy~ Now my food processor is up and running!

I never expected the converter to be this bulky (and heavy)

I obviously had to make good use of the food processor now that it's finally working (after sitting in the store room for a little more than a year).

Pretty in Pastel Pink!
(Ok, mom and Er Jie felt it was a sickly colour. In their words, it was lak sek, ie the colour looked faded)

So, after much brainstorming, Mom suggested that we make Poh Piah. Great idea! We haven't had it for maybe 10 years (maybe more), since it's hard work to grate the vegetables.

With the food processor, it was chop, throw in, whizz. DONE!

The only problem we had was finding Poh Piah skins. We were hoping to be able to find some closeby, but no. We had to drive out. (Thank God for Google)

Nonetheless, Mom and I had a good trip out (bought some breakfast for Dad and Sis), and came back to create a yummilicious lunch.

So here's our lunch. Mom whipped these up really quickly. She's an amazing cook.

Happy days! With the right tools, everything is much easier.
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