Monday, March 24, 2014

Green Tea Chocolate Cupcakes / Biscotti

Out sick today. Woke up with the body unable to quite move, a huge headache plus felt feverish.

I had been craving for cake since Saturday. So in the evening, I decided to bake, since I had practically slept the entire day. And I should be eating something I have been craving, since I am unwell?

The result: a disgustingly bitter cake that was overbaked (and hence super dry).

I am really quite irritated now, as this used to be a recipe that was loved by all. What went wrong? I mean, I know why it's dry (overbaked). But why bitter?? I added the stated amount of sugar.. Unless I changed the recipe previously and forgot to note it down. Gotta experiment again!

Anyways, because the cake was so disgustingly dry, I thought to myself: maybe I can make it into a biscotti, since biscotti simply means "twice-baked" right?

So, I baked at 180C for 10 mins on one side, and 10 on the other (should reduce the time to 5 minutes on the second side as those came out dark brown and tasted slightly charred).

The biscottis didn't taste as bad as the cakes as biscuits are meant to be dry? Lol? But yea the chocolate was still way too bitter. But at least I managed to "save" the cakes! Didn't quite want to waste the ingredients by throwing everything out. :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Birthday Cake - Lemon Curd Filled Lemon Cake

So, this year, I decided that I should make a cake that I like to eat, since it's my birthday! I usually like it that others like what I make, so I rarely make this. 

Reason being: it's always too sour for everyone else's taste. 

Well, since I like to make others happy, I did get mom to taste it. I added another 3 tbsp sugar from the point that I felt that it was alright. In the end, mom said it was a bit too sweet. And it was weird cos it was sweet and sour all at the same time.

Ah wells! I loved it though. So that's good enough.

Thank God there was an additional mini cake (used 2 muffin tins (those bigger ones that are good for meat pies)) to satisfy my craving. :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kueh Bangkit

Made 3 batches this year.  This was batch 2, the most melt-in-your mouth batch! 

I'm not sure what caused the difference, but I used different brands of flour for all 3 batches since tapioca flour was out of stock at the supermart near my place.

This was the brand I used for batch 2, bought at the NTUC near Scape. 

One key difference in the dough was that batch 2 was a lot stiffer and harder to roll out. I recall that it was similar last year too - the harder it was for me to roll it out, the more melty the cookie. 

Another difference was that batch 2 had little designs on it. I forgot about them in the other batches. 

Gotta find some way to gain consistency! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pineapple Tarts for CNY

I absolutely LOVE mom's pineapple jam. Absolutely delicious. So much so, I've decided I just want to eat the pineapple, without the tart. .

Mainly because my tart is dairy free and super tasteless. It also gets crazy moist after a few days in an airtight box. I'm baking 2 batches per time this year, so I get to eat more non soggy tarts.

I'm guessing that happens because my pineapple jam is still quite moist (I like it that way) and hence the moisture seeps into the crust when stored in an airtight box. The thing is, I have no other way to store it, because I'm guessing the crust will get soggy even if just exposed to normal air (it's humid in Singapore). Then again, it may be better than keeping the base stuck in a confined space with the moist pineapples. 

Alright. (Hopefully I remember...) I'll test this out the next time. Heh. 

The funny thing about today's bake is I overbaked the 2nd batch. Luckily it wasn't too charred so I could still eat it. But honestly the base doesn't complement the pineapple jam well. :( The jam is just heavenly. I really want to eat it on its own. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getting ready for CNY! - Kueh Bangkit

So, on the first day of 2014 (yay to public holidays!), I decided to make some Kueh Bangkit. CNY's just at the end of the month, so it's time to feast (on fattening snacks)!

This year, the Kueh Bangkit dough was less stiff and MUCH easier to roll out. I have no idea why.... I followed the exact same recipe. Maybe it was the weather. I think it may have been hot. Or maybe humid. Darn, I don't remember!

Anyways, dad prefers them made THINNER (sob, more work for me), as he said the thicker ones felt powdery on the inside. 

As always, I love to make it look like its store bought.... Points to anyone who can guess it was homemade!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bark - Take 2

For the second time, I practiced tempering the dark chocolate first. It worked! It set nicely at room temperature and had a not-too-bad crack. 

So the third time, I was ready. Tempered the dark chocolate, and decided to swirl the PB right in. 
I noticed something - the PB cracks easily (see the left piece of chocolate in the picture), so it's best to have mixed in some with dark chocolate, and a little bit on its own to give the swirled look. 

And off the chocolate went as Christmas gifts! :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Peanut butter chocolate bark

I decided to make some peanut butter chocolate bark this holidays. 

There were so many recipes, but this one from Brown Eyed Baker jumped out at me as it looked simple, but pretty!

The only problem is that it used a little milk chocolate to mix with the peanut butter. So, I replaced that with the normal dark chocolate I use for baking. As expected, the peanut butter-milk chocolate mixture was do dark, you could barely differentiate it from the dark chocolate layer. 

So, I melted another ~55g of peanut butter (oh my, fat!), dropped blobs of it over the chocolate, and swirled. 

Still delicious!

The only thing was that I think I need to learn to temper the chocolate. The end result, albeit delicious, was a melty chocolate. Not suitable as gifts! 

I'm going to give it another go this week. Learning to temper chocolate first, then perhaps just directly swirling some peanut butter in, instead of mixing it with the chocolate. Or maybe half the pb mixed with the chocolate, with the other half blobbed around for decorative purposes. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Green Tea Jelly with Red Bean Paste

I had left over red bean paste from the Green Tea SoufflĂ© Roll 2 weeks ago, so made this other recipe. 

I was lucky as I had just enough agave syrup left. This gave me the chance to test out the recipe in its full glory. ;)

Wish my moulds were deeper though! The jelly was so flat, it looked like a bit of a joke. 

Taste test later on! My fridge can't seem to chill the desserts quickly enough. Though the jelly set, it still tasted like it was at room temperature. I think it may taste better cold. 

The jelly had a creamy feel to it. Not my cup of tea (pun not intended). I really love the red bean paste though (not the one with beet sugar. This was the one made with Jo Hakuto)

Grace Jie said it was nice (she loves green tea), but didn't eat much. 
Mom doesn't really like green tea (new thing I learnt about mom today!)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Black Forest Cake

It was originally a Swiss Roll recipe, but I made it into a 6 inch cake. 

Baking took about double the time. 

One cake was a little thicker so I sliced it into half. So it became a 3 layer cake. 

Grace Jie: liked the cherries filling (though it didn't look appetizing). Said it'd be good in the middle of an ice cream cake for Christmas.  

Dad: the cake seems a little denser than store bought cakes and the cream is lacking in fragrance (and I guess texture, but no choice, since I used 7-minute frosting, not buttercream :P).

I loved the cherry filling and syrup. Tastes great. 

I had a really hard time putting the cake together as the filling kept flowing out. Ok, I didn't quite cut the layers flat, but I think it's also because the frosting, though it looks firm, kept flowing out.

Wonder if the cake will be better if I made them into cupcakes instead, so the frosting doesn't quite have to fill the inner parts of the cake.  Or maybe cut a hole in the cupcakes and fill them with the cherry syrup + filling, then top with the frosting. 

 And maybe add some baking powder to the cake since dad says it's not fluffy enough. Hmm!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Green Tea Soufflé Sponge Roll with Red Bean Paste

From Okashi. 

Used half of the buttercream recipe instead of whipping cream. The amount of buttercream was just nice for the roll. 

Also, only used 145g of shortening instead of 200g. Guess cos the weather was humid. 

Because I was worried about raw eggs, I used Swiss Meringue Buttercream method to make the buttercream.

To do so, I changed half the amount of icing sugar to granulated sugar.


Me: Not very good. Buttercream must be chilled for it to taste nicer. But overall, the buttercream is tasteless (forgot to put extract) though light and creamy. 

Grace: Liked the red bean. May be better to replace buttercream with ice cream.
--> I wonder if chocolate ice cream will cover the taste of the red bean, or enhance it. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Green Tea Flaky Mooncake

I used the recipe from Aunty Yochana and added 3 tbsp of green tea powder to the oil dough. Also, I used ready made white lotus paste instead of the pumpkin and sweet potato filling. I should make that in future.. Sounds healthier. 

Anyway, the sisters liked it - they like the green tea taste. 

Dad doesn't really fancy green tea... So suggested I make the skin without the green tea next time, and it'll be like his favorite Dao Sha Pia. 

Maybe I will do that next time! I have one more KG of lotus paste to use up....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Made some lemon blueberry muffins today as mom lovingly bought some lemons to "tide" me over the long weekend.  She only bought 4, else I might have made some lemon meringue tarts again, as the previous one wasn't that successful. :P

I also had some frozen blueberries to use up, so, this was a perfect recipe! Of course, with my food allergies, I tweaked the recipe a little, using oatmilk powder+water to replace the milk and Crisco in place of butter. As usual, I also reduced the amount of sugar for the muffins itself since recipes are usually a tad too sweet for the oldies (myself included) at home. 

I should have halved the crumb topping as there was way too much topping for the 8 muffins I made.

The batter also didn't rise upwards, but spread sideways instead.. causing a little problem when getting them out of my muffin tin.  Sigh. Photo below as evidence - they cracked when I had to flip them out of the muffin tin.

Nonetheless, I have to say that Lemons and Blueberries are a match made in heaven. It was really good. The freshness of the lemon with the blueberries... Delicious!~ 

The texture of the muffin (when hot) was also relatively light. So that worked for me too. But seriously, way too much topping (I used it all and dad said I can put less. Haha).

I want to make this again! When blueberries get cheaper. They're dead expensive (in my opinion) in my country. 
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