Monday, May 16, 2011

Showing Love to my Family (Cookies, Royal Icing, Banana Cake)

I should have been studying today, but I spent the entire afternoon baking and icing cookies.

Jia finished the iced cookies over the weekend and jie asked me to make more. AND Min asked for more icing. So here they are! (I also had the chance to use the new cutters I bought so I'm happy!)

Dad also asked for banana cake this afternoon while I was preparing the icing for the cookies. So, I googled and made some...

Made half of the recipe, and used two of my new small loaf pans which I lined with baking paper.

Reviews for the banana cake:

Dad: Banana taste very strong (sounds like a bad thing). Too sweet. Banana seems too heavy (I agree, they seem to have sunk to the bottom – prob cos banana wasn’t super duper ripe and still had lumps after mashing.)

Me: Agree too sweet and banana too heavy and banana taste is super strong. Texture at the top part was quite nice and soft. I think I need more ripe bananas (those really black-skinned ones) but dad insisted that they were ripe enough. :P Cake is nice and moist but not too oily. Can try again!

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