Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vanilla Cupcakes, Earl Grey Tea Chiffon, Vegan Brownies

Saturday's Bakes
1. Earl Grey Tea Chiffon Cake - adapted from Okashi's Green Tea Chiffon Cake.

Thing is, I didn't have enough eggs in the house, so I halfed the recipe, and baked the cake in a normal cake pan.  I overestimated the amount of batter and baked in two circle pans - the cake was super thin and wrinkly.  :P  Tasted good though.

I also baked at 200C instead of 150/160C as I had intended to bake something else thinking mom would buy eggs from the market (I smsed her but she didn't bring her phone with her), and I forgot to change the oven temp. :/ Anyways, the cake was really thin, so maybe 200C was the right temp anyways.

Texture: Light and Soft.
Taste: Slight tinge of Earl Grey Tea.  Cyn felt it wasn't strong enough, but I felt that it was just nice.  The tea taste ain't overpowering, so I could eat like 4 slices at a go.  Dad had 2 or 3.

2. Allergen-Friendly Vegan Brownies from Leanne Bakes

Sorry to say, this wasn't my cup of tea.  Goes into my bad recipe book - it has a strange taste to it,  can't pin point the cause.

Texture: like a cake.  I prefer fudgy brownies.
Taste: Tastes like cocoa. There's a strange taste.

The gluten free brownies I made previously are much nicer.

Vanilla Cupcakes from, with buttercream from

Texture: Light.  Crumbs are a little coarse.  May need to change flour type.
Taste: Oily.  Taste weird.

Texture: Like buttercream I guess?
Taste: Sweet.  Min likes it.

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