Monday, July 22, 2013

Today's experiment: Lemon/Orange Meringue Tarts

I got tired of just making simple things, do I got back in the groove to make something a little more complicated. This takes a three step process:
  1. Tart base - make, chill, cut, bake
  2. Lemon / orange curd - make, chill {I only made orange curd because I didn't have enough lemons :)}
  3. Meringue - make, fill tarts, broil/grill/blow torch it
Everyone preferred the orange curd cos (obviously) it was less sour. The lemon curd was way too sour in their eyes… And hence, failed mission!
The meringue just wouldn't get stiff. Not sure if its because I used a honey meringue recipe instead of a standard sugar meringue recipe. Gotta use another one next time.
I like the tart base though it was a little too crumbly, prob cos I got the ingredients amount mixed up (one extra Tbsp of icing sugar 😋)
No worries, I can do better.
Wanna make it again!!

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