Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last pineapple tart making for the year

At least I think it'll be the last time I make pineapple tarts this year... :P Unless the family requests for it. ;)

Did pineapple tarts again today cos I wanted to use up the pineapple fillings. Had about 3/4 pack left.

Used the same recipe as last week... But did the full size this time. Result was great! Though I baked at 200 deg for both cooking sessions instead of 200 then 180. Kinda lazy to adjust the temp. :P The crust was nicer than last week. Kind of crumbles in the mouth instead of once you touch it. :) Also made it thinner this week so maybe that contributed to the nicer taste too?

Daddy liked it so much, he kept coming back for more. Lolz. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough pineapple. So daddy offered his marmalade jam ( I hate marmalade ). But I tried it anyway. But it wasn't very nice cos the marmalade was sour and well, I hate marmalade. ;)

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