Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pineapple Bun!

After an early morning at the cemetry yesterday morning, the family dropped by Holland V Crystal Jade to have some breakfast. We had some dim sum... And my darling niece managed to get us to buy her a bo lo pau (pineapple bun). Though she thought it was an pan (she's only 2+!)

Well, she loved it. And I love pineapple buns too. So, I searched the net for a recipe today, and tried it out straight away! :)

I edited the recipe somewhat, replacing the butter and omitting the milk powder totally, since I'm allergic to these stuff. ;)

I also used full egg glaze instead of just the egg yolk since I had extra egg left over from the recipe. The recipe yielded only 5 SMALL paus tho. Kinda not worth the time and effort I think. :P Plus I had a lot of the Water Roux left over. =.=

Water Roux is basically a mixture of Bread flour and water, that's cooked to about 65 degrees C and left to cool. This is added into the dough to provide a characteristic soft and juicy texture.

I also didn't use the pork floss filling that was recommended since I didn't have any and I have never eaten a pineapple bun with such filling... So, I just rounded the buns and baked them.

The topping was somewhat tough, compared to the crumbly ones I'm used to outside... The bread was also slightly hard for dad and mom's taste (though it's softer than the western typed breads).

Will study this case... I love pineapple buns. They're slightly sweet. Just yummy. ;)

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