Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Apple Bread

I have been checking out recipes on Apple Bread as I have been trying to go "healthier". Fruits in baked products just make me feel as if it's less fattening. True or not, I don't know. But whatever makes me feel better, works.

The recipe I tried claims that it's really yummy and moist. So I tried it. It also had the least calories per loaf, out of all the recipes I found. So, I went ahead and tried it. Problem was... I didn't have enough plain flour. So in the end, I replaced half of the flour with self-raising flour. And then simply halved the amount of baking soda to be used. Point to note: the cake didn't rise. Or at least, it didn't appear to have risen.

I was also told to bake for 70 mins at 162.5 deg celsius. But somehow, it wasn't quite cooked at that time. I tried to pull the cake out of the tin though, and it kinda broke. So it ended up being rather ugly.

Despite all that, I think it tasted great. I loved the sweet taste - not too sweet. Just a natural level of sweetness, coupled with the delicious taste of walnuts. YUMMM... A single piece is rather filling too. I had it for breakfast this morning, and I didn't feel hungry till about 11am. Not too bad!

I will definitely make this again. Perhaps... For mother's day? :P Mommy likes it! And I think it's way healthier than other cakes. Especially since I just read that nuts are good for health. The fats are apparently good for our body... Esp for people who wanna lose weight.

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