Saturday, September 8, 2007

Donuts and Mooncakes

Was in the mood for some donuts today... So I baked some! They were rather tasteless. Prob cos I replaced milk with water since I didn't have any milk on hand. Geez. The sugar topping was a tad bit too dry though. I shouldn't have omitted the step of glazing with oil before putting the sugar on top. But I was lazy. :P

Two types of donuts here. The small round ones on top, and the big ones below.

Baking in process. I like how they look in the oven. Nice and fluffy looking...

Daddy was also bugging me for mooncakes (though we bought some, he appears to like mine). So, while waiting for the donuts to raise, I made some mooncakes for him...

Geez... I'm so tired now! Gotta go play tennis in 1.5 hours. Need a break!

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