Sunday, September 16, 2007

Traditional Mooncake, Apple Tart (pie), Apple Bread

Woke up at 7.30am this morning. Started to bake at about 8am. Finished the 3 items at about 12 to 1pm.

1. Traditional mooncake

Just wanted to try making traditional mooncakes because this year, I seem to like it quite a bit. :P

Halved recipe, as usual.

Dad: Skin too sweet. But 似模似样!But skin’s sticking to the lotus paste. Kind of blended together at the edges. [i think my dough was too wet]
Da Jie: Texture’s not bad, skin thin enough, but missing a taste…. I think it’s pork lard! Put a bit la! [hee… I don’t know where to buy pork lard leh….]

2. Apple Tart (pie)

Dad borrowed a few library books on baking for me yesterday, and kept talking about this great apple tart that he had in Switzerland. According to mommy, they went to eat it almost every other day. And it's quite a far off place. Lolz. Crazy parents I've got.

So, I tried to make apple tarts, based on the 101 dairy free recipes book I got from the library (on my own a few days back). I edited the recipe to use apples instead, trying to keep it as close to dad's description as possible. And mom thinks the apples were cooked. So I baked it again. Haha... Trial and error ya.. :P But well, it's not too bad. I think.

Me: Custard's WAYYY TOO SWEET! Btw, I accidentally used pie crust instead of tart crust. Oops!
Dad: Apples should be slightly thicker and should overlap each other more.

3. Apple Bread

I used less than half the Fuji apple for the Apple Tart above (that's because I halved the recipe, and used small pie moulds. So, there were only 6 tarts/pies).

I also omitted the nuts and just used more diced apples (finished the entire apple!).

Love the serrated knife I bought 2 weeks back! (It's at the back of the Apple Bread.) It cuts the bread SO cleanly! Love it love it love it!

Me: I think it's quite nice, though maybe a bit too sweet.
Mom: Nice! Apples are sweet!
Dad: Can't taste the apples! Maybe should have more? (I think I diced some too fine...)

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