Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preparing for Min's Birthday - A family project!

Grace Jie, Mom and I started on our project to decorate Min's birthday cake.  Well, I read that sugarpaste decors can keep for up to a month - just have to let them dry.  So, we are preparing in advance! 

Added Traganth Gum to the Satin Ice Fondant to make sugarpaste.

I made the hat and head for the smurfette.
Grace Jie made the body (dress included) and hair.
Mom made the hands.

I made the gift boxes (suggested by jie), roses, cut-out the letters.
Jie (and Min) did the mushrooms.
Mom made the nice blue flowers.  Mommy is actually very creative (and more hardworking than me - my flowers have stems that are the same colour as the flower).  It was also mommy's idea to make a see-saw.

We spent 7 hours making all these! From 2+pm till 10pm.  Actually we have very little to show for the time spent, but it was fun!  Quality time with the family.. ;)


Note to self: I have no idea how to stop the sugarpaste from cracking.  Hmmm.. too dry? too much gum?

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