Sunday, March 25, 2012


The colour seems funny in the photos.. anyway, these are brownies from  I reduced the amount of sugar by about half as someone commented that it was too sweet.  So, with 150g of sugar, it is BITTER. :P Grace jie loved it though. 

So well, reviews follow...

Grace Jie - loved it. Fudgy and not too sweet. Would be perfect with vanilla ice-cream. 
Me - slightly bitter.
Dad - found that it could be slightly sweeter. But also felt that if put sugar on top (maybe icing sugar) may be ok. Agreed that would be nice with icing. Liked the texture of the brownie as it doesn't crumble.
Cyn - Not sweet enough. (doesn't like bitter choc)

Conclusion: Great brownie recipe for Grace Jie. For others, can increase amount of sugar.  Think cyn liked the prev brownie I made which was super fudgy  - so fudgy that you can't cut it without first chilling it in the freezer.

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