Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orange Bread with Chocolate Chips

Ever since I saw this post at BrownEyedBaker on an Orange Bread (it's actually called "Italian Easter Bread" on her site), I've wanted to try it... So finally, this weekend, while making bread (for my daily breakfast over the week), I decided to try some orange bread! Well, I had to fill it with chocolate chips because:

  1. no one in the house will eat it without the chocolate chips (and they will eat/taste anything that has chocolate in it), and 
  2. I imagined a bread with only orange flavour could be too plain which meant I may have to put some jam on it, which I don't have time for on weekdays!

So, armed with my personal favourite recipe, I modified it - instead of 3/4 cups warm water, I used juice of 1 orange (which came up to about 1/2 of the 3/4 cup) and filled it up with hot water (so all in all, it became nice and warm for the yeast).  Also used the zest of 2 oranges.

Referencing against BrownEyedBaker's version, I realised that due to the amount of flour I used, I only needed to use 0.73 of an orange. But alas, too late! They've already gone into the mix! And, you can't really get enough of orange right? :P

Well, it came out fine (in my opinion)! I liked it, now I've got to hear what the others say...

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