Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wholemeal Bread

Did some reading about Bread online yesterday. So, that got my pscyhed up to make bread today! :)

Woke up at about 8am this morning, and started to measure out the ingredients for wholemeal bread. It was rather exciting as it was my first time... And, the recipe requires NO KNEADING but doesn't require rising for 12 hours plus. Actually, I have no idea if its required cos it's not stated. :P

Anyway, I used half wholemeal flour, half plain flour in place of the full wholemeal flour recommended in the recipe. I read that wholemeal flour on its own would be very heavy. I've seen a recipe that uses wholemeal flour ONLY, but I thought that I should just start with something simple. :)

Just mix flour, salt, yeast, sugar together. Then add water and stir till a dough forms.

Then, grease the loaf tin with oil thoroughly.

Stretch the dough till oblong, and fold the sides in to form a ball-like shape. Then, press this into the tin. Cover the tin with a piece of cloth, and let it rise.

I let the bread rise for 5 hours so that I could go out for my weekly tennis session. I thought the bread would rise a lot, but it didn't. In fact, it only doubled. I'm not sure if it takes this long to rise (not stated in the recipe), or if there's something wrong with my yeast. Maybe I should have mixed the yeast with water BEFORE adding it together with the rest of the dry ingredients? Not sure how it works! Oh no!! :(

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