Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cinnamon Roll

Today was rather good!

I woke up at 7+am. But it's a PUBLIC HOLIDAY! Vesak Day! ;) So I started to try to make some cinnamon roll. My first try! Admittedly, it wasn't really good. There wasn't enough cinnamon filling though I followed the recipe (ok, I halved the recipe but the proportion's the same I'd think?). And I think I overbaked it. Should have halved the recipe. Because I had 12 pieces of rolls (same as what the original recipe should have) though I halved the recipe. I didn't notice it until JUST. =/ Ah, that's me! But well, it wasn't too bad... It's rather crispy and dry. Ok, it sucks. :P BUT we all learn from mistakes! So it's alright. That said, daddy had THREE in a row. And so did I. So perhaps, it wasn't that bad.

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