Friday, September 10, 2010

Chocolate Tart with Vegan Tofu Mousse

I hate taking photos at night... the natural sunlight is just so much better.. brings out the colours..

Either that, or it means I need to get a flash. :P

Anyway, this is a recipe that combines Jamie's chocolate tart base and a vegan tofu mousse recipe. Mainly because I can't take cream.... So, I thought I'd try out this interesting tofu mousse.


I found the chocolate tart base DELICIOUS, though cyn felt it was too soft. I did underbake it a little as I was afraid it'll get too hard.

I like the tart base so much, I think I shall make it as cookies next time! Cyn doesn't agree though cos she finds it too soft. :(

The mousse - I thought it was too creamy and light. Cyn says the texture is ok, though she agrees it's a bit light. Suggestion was that it could be a little richer (perhaps more chocolate or less mousse). I felt the mousse was a little too tasteless. Nonetheless, she couldn't tell it was made of tofu, and it didn't harden too much in the fridge. So that was great! Oh! I added a little orange zest into the mousse too. Like 1/8 of an orange.

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