Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ribbon Cake Decor

Well, well. Been wanting to make the carrot cake again for a while now. Hence, I finally did it today! Started at 12nn and finished baking + decorating at 3 plus. Clearly I'm too slow! I need to work faster...

Anyway, this is my 2nd try at cake decorating, and I've learnt a bit more. Seems like I shouldn't be skipping the buttercream step? The cake doesn't look smooth at all. :(

I'm told I rolled the fondant too thin.. But I don't really think anyone, except Min, would want to eat a cake with thick fondant?

Ah, I don't know! Try again next time!

And Min requested for me to make a cake with Barbie doll for her birthday (told her that's a challenge). Then later she said she wanted one with rainbow and yellow stars. Heh. That might be do-able.

I'll have to keep practicing!

Anyway, I made the cake above for Grandma's birthday celebration. I was a little shy to even bring it for the dinner since it's only my 2nd attempt at cake decor and as you can see, the fondant is not even, and the ribbon is slightly cracked and messed up.

I'm not sure she really liked it, but she did bring some home. But you know, carrot cake in this form is a very western sort of cake. So I'm not sure she can appreciate it. I should have thought about that. :/

Well, it's getting late! Good night! I mean, good morning, I'm going to bed..

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