Sunday, October 27, 2013

Green Tea Soufflé Sponge Roll with Red Bean Paste

From Okashi. 

Used half of the buttercream recipe instead of whipping cream. The amount of buttercream was just nice for the roll. 

Also, only used 145g of shortening instead of 200g. Guess cos the weather was humid. 

Because I was worried about raw eggs, I used Swiss Meringue Buttercream method to make the buttercream.

To do so, I changed half the amount of icing sugar to granulated sugar.


Me: Not very good. Buttercream must be chilled for it to taste nicer. But overall, the buttercream is tasteless (forgot to put extract) though light and creamy. 

Grace: Liked the red bean. May be better to replace buttercream with ice cream.
--> I wonder if chocolate ice cream will cover the taste of the red bean, or enhance it. 

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