Saturday, November 2, 2013

Black Forest Cake

It was originally a Swiss Roll recipe, but I made it into a 6 inch cake. 

Baking took about double the time. 

One cake was a little thicker so I sliced it into half. So it became a 3 layer cake. 

Grace Jie: liked the cherries filling (though it didn't look appetizing). Said it'd be good in the middle of an ice cream cake for Christmas.  

Dad: the cake seems a little denser than store bought cakes and the cream is lacking in fragrance (and I guess texture, but no choice, since I used 7-minute frosting, not buttercream :P).

I loved the cherry filling and syrup. Tastes great. 

I had a really hard time putting the cake together as the filling kept flowing out. Ok, I didn't quite cut the layers flat, but I think it's also because the frosting, though it looks firm, kept flowing out.

Wonder if the cake will be better if I made them into cupcakes instead, so the frosting doesn't quite have to fill the inner parts of the cake.  Or maybe cut a hole in the cupcakes and fill them with the cherry syrup + filling, then top with the frosting. 

 And maybe add some baking powder to the cake since dad says it's not fluffy enough. Hmm!

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