Saturday, November 9, 2013

Green Tea Jelly with Red Bean Paste

I had left over red bean paste from the Green Tea SoufflĂ© Roll 2 weeks ago, so made this other recipe. 

I was lucky as I had just enough agave syrup left. This gave me the chance to test out the recipe in its full glory. ;)

Wish my moulds were deeper though! The jelly was so flat, it looked like a bit of a joke. 

Taste test later on! My fridge can't seem to chill the desserts quickly enough. Though the jelly set, it still tasted like it was at room temperature. I think it may taste better cold. 

The jelly had a creamy feel to it. Not my cup of tea (pun not intended). I really love the red bean paste though (not the one with beet sugar. This was the one made with Jo Hakuto)

Grace Jie said it was nice (she loves green tea), but didn't eat much. 
Mom doesn't really like green tea (new thing I learnt about mom today!)

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