Monday, October 6, 2014

Pandan Chiffon Cake

I'm on a Pandan craze because there's still more pandan extract left from my previous bakes!

Finally, I am able to test out this Pandan Chiffon Cake recipe that I've bookmarked for the longest time. I wanted to make it with fresh coconut milk, but I can't seem to find it anywhere though I've read that I should be able to find it at NTUC. -_-

Doesn't matter though. I decided to trudge on ahead and make the chiffon cake using Kara coconut cream (comes in a tetrapak).

I did make one change to the recipe - instead of blending the pandan leaves with the coconut milk to squeeze the juice out, I mixed 70g coconut milk with 25g of pandan juice/extract that I made. Simply because I didn't want to redo this squeezing process.  Perhaps this is the reason why I felt that the taste of pandan was a little too mild. I could probably add 5-10g more pandan juice/extract the next time!

Although I usually use chiffon recipes adapted from the book Okashi, I decided to just follow this recipe to the tee, including the use of cream of tartar.

Lo and behold! The cake rose nice and high!

The top cracked a lot, but hey, that's hidden on the bottom of the cake. I wish I could get a nicer crust on the cake (it's all stuck to the pan) and a cake that doesn't crack so much. Perhaps I need to lower the temperature to reduce the cracks on the top of the cake. BUT... how am I to get a yummy brown crust on the cake? Hmmmmm...

Cyn loves this pandan chiffon cake.  Prefers it over the pandan sponge though she loves that too.
I personally think there could be more pandan taste (perhaps INCREASE the amount of pandan extract).

NOTE: The cake can't keep for long. I made this on Sunday. By Wed morning, the coconut milk seemed to have caused it to spoil a little. The cake had a musky smell. :(

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