Thursday, October 9, 2014

Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins (refining)

Decided to refine my recipe for Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins. I really have no idea where the original recipe's from, but I've edited it quite a bit. From ingredients to the way it's made. It was previously too dry. So instead of 33g oil for half batch, I used 42g oil today. The cake was softer and more moist.

I'm having a major issue with the HEIGHT of the muffins though. I can't get it to rise high enough, though I beat the eggs to almost ribbon stage. I also filled the cupcake holders all the way (100%!). Perhaps I need to really whip the eggs to almost stiff peaks.

Dad - doesn't like it. He doesn't like chocolate desserts though he likes chocolate. Strange, but he repeats that EVERY SINGLE TIME I make chocolate desserts or desserts with chocolate in them. It puzzles me, but seriously, can I not make things that I like to eat, instead of always pandering to his tastes?

Mom - can't really taste the orange. Overpowered by the chocolate. This is a perennial problem. Personally, I can taste the orange, but both parents can't. Got to up the orange zest quantity!

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