Sunday, January 21, 2007

Banner Change!

Well, instead of baking today... I spent the day changing the banner. Just wanted to personalise the site that little bit more. I'm really not used to the new "layouts" type of code... But somehow managed to just change the picture on top. :) So that's great! For me at least. :P

Still trying to decide what I should bake next week. More pineapple tarts? *laughs* I don't have anymore pineapple though. So that's gonna be tough!


  1. There was link to chocolate candy site, but it disappear today.

    Will send the link later from my office.

  2. Then I used the google to seach and found many good links too as in the following:

    How to roast cocao at home?

  3. wow! that's interesting! thanks for the links!! :)


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