Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sis2 and I bought frozen pizza the previous weekend from Cold Storage. It was GREAT! Coincidentally, dad bought a chinese book about making pizza on that day... So this week, I decided to follow the recipe and make my own pizza! I halved the recipe since the original recipe called for 500g of flour, which I figured would give me way too much pizza. I wasn't sure the recipe would work without a hitch, so halving it was the natural thing to do. :)

The dough came together nicely, though it looked NOTHING like the photos. But it didn't feel too sticky or anything. So, that was great. :)

I think I should have flattened the pizza more though. It "rose" to about double the size after I cooked it I think. But both sisters said it was nice! I feel happy hearing that. :P

Might do it again next week! It's quite time consuming cos of all the "rising" time. But it's fresh and nice. Though the frozen ones were great too. ;)

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