Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cinnamon Roll 2 + Hong Kong Mee

I've been thinking about the super dry cinnamon roll I made on Thursday... Really ticked me off that it was SO FAR OFF from what I'd expected! So, I woke up early again today for a second try!

Again, I halved the recipe. This time, the dough was EVEN STICKIER than the previous time! Well, could be partly because I used oil instead of melted butter. It's just a waste of time to MELT stuff. =P But well, I got lazy from kneading the dough, so I just put it into an oiled bowl and let it rise in the oven. When I took it out 1.5 hours later, it was still really sticky and actually stuck to the bowl a bit. So I decided to be more generous with the flour on the tabletop and plonked the dough onto the flour. I folded the dough into half so that the top would be a floured (and hence smoother) dough. Then I floured my rolling pin and tried to roll out the dough into a rectangle. Tough because the dough kept shrinking (WHY?!). Also could not make it into a rectangle. It had a rounded edge no matter what. Sigh.

I also split the dough into half this time. Half would be used to make pure cinnamon roll, and the other half for chocolate cinnamon roll.

Oh, I also doubled the amount of cinnamon sugar I made. It was way too much. Next time, just 1.5 times the recipe should be sufficient.

Chocolate Cinnamon Roll
Previously, I put the cinnamon sugar on the dough, then tried to put the melted chocolate (that wasn't very flowy) on top of the cinnamon. Didn't work out very well cos the chocolate would stick to the cinnamon and hence I couldn't spread out the chocolate. So this time, I spread the melted chocolate on the dough first, then sprinkled lots of cinnamon sugar over it. Anyway, rolling the dough was crazy and impossible. Cos it was so sticky! So it was all a mess. After rolling and cutting, I had to split up the dough and re-roll each small piece. The filling kept falling out. =/ Disastrous!

It's much harder to roll the one with chocolate. A lot messier.

So in the end, I finally managed to finish rolling the doughs and placed them on greased pans. I also filled up the holes in the badly rolled doughs with the excess cinnamon sugar.

What happened to this sugar was that... It didn't quite melt. I could still see them in small pieces on top of the roll after it was baked.

BUT because I remembered to half the baking time this time, it wasn't over cooked! The first batch was still a little too dry. But the second was nice and moist!

Reviews from others:
Chao - Rolls were TOO moist!
Cyn - Much better than the first try. Moist enough. But cinnamon taste doesn't seem fragrant enough.

Is it because I didn't use good quality ground cinnamon? Or is it because I should be processing the cinnamon by pre-baking it or something? :( Need help. I'm an amateur, but would still like EVERYONE to love the food. I mean, that gives me a lot of joy! =pp


Well, a while after I finished baking, Mommy and Daddy were about to follow Da Jie to sentosa. It was a last minute decision so I told Mommy to give me instructions to cook the Hong Kong Fried Mee that she had intended to cook for lunch, and let me do it! I simply love cooking these days...

Mommy gave me the instructions, and I started right away, while Mommy's still home. :P Little things like "do I have to wash the onion?" and stuff made me glad Mommy's around to guide me.

So after all that, Mommy helped to do the final seasoning (after tasting) and then the noodles were served! ;) Min ate a bit of it, and I thought it was nice! Of course, thanks to Mommy. :)) Min wanted to have some too when she saw me eating! Hee... So I fed her some. By some, I mean a few strands. :P

In the end, Min wanted to swim instead of going to the beach... So, I was whisked off to the CSC for a swim! I really wasn't in the mood to go out, but er jie really wanted me to go. So I relented and went along. The first time at the wave pool, Min wasn't very comfy with playing in it. So daddy put her on my nice big float and I just hugged her. It was nice... She only started to enjoy it when the wave was about to end. But it was fun! She loves playing with her er yi and auntie yen ling. super cute! :)

Oh yes, Min loves my cinnamon roll. Or rather, she loves the chocolate. I brought one cinnamon roll out cos I ate a little of it, and wanted to share with everyone else. Min licked the chocolate part of the choc cinnamon roll and went "YUMMY!! I love choya!" Haha... That made me happy, though it's the chocolate she likes and not the cinnamon. But happy anyway! :)

I just used a float and rested in the pool. It was super nice and relaxing... :)) Gotta love my sis for dragging me there!

We went home while Min went for violin lessons. G picked me up and wanted to see Min so we rushed to Balmoral Plaza. We reached just in time to see Min play the violin! Hee! So cute!!!! But after that, we parted ways rather abruptly cos our cars were parked on different levels. G and I headed to clementi for dinner then back home. Er jie was making sushi and onigiri so I snacked a little while watching tv... Hehz... YUM!

Then it was tennis time! Da jie and Min didn't come though. Sobz. G and I went over because er jie told sheldon that we would go then realised that yl couldn't go so G and I just went over on our own. But turns out that Min was sleeping already. Haha... Oh wells! :)

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