Sunday, July 8, 2007

Maple Syrup Cupcakes/Muffins

Finally had the chance to bake the maple syrup cupcakes! But I used the muffin method to mix the things cos I was lazy to use a mixer (I really need my own kitchen, so that my mixer is ALWAYS in the kitchen; also need a nice mixer for creaming :P).

I also didn't make the nice marshmallow topping cos I was lazy and rather sleepy. Perhaps, next time. :) I mean, cos er jie said the muffin is nice on its own like that, I decided, why bother with the topping? :P Anyway, I think the muffins are a tad bit too sweet. So, more topping would make it even sweeter. (excuses... :P)

Er jie: Texture's a bit like corn (has lumps inside) [is that good or bad? hrmm]. Taste - not bad. Why is it so thin? [maybe I'll fill up the pan till its full next time and see what happens :)]

Mom: (ate the ones that're more cooked on the top.) Top has maple syrup taste. Nice...

Dad: Texture's like a kueh. Too sweet.

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