Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vegan Recipes

Tried Vegan Recipes this weekend.

G managed to get me a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World from Borders! :) It's really sweet cos he went down to make a deposit for them to get the book. And then, made ANOTHER trip down to get me the book. Really sweet! :)

So, I tried the most basic cupcake - Golden Vanilla Cupcakes.

Thing is, I FORGOT to add cornstarch. I'm not sure if that attributed to the low cupcakes that were slightly kueh-like. :( Sad. I also used cake flour instead of plain flour cos I didn't have any plain flour. Well, normally there's no diff when I sub plain flour with cake flour for muffins. Maybe cupcakes are more sensitive. Not too clear about that... Hrm. Then again, it's possible... Cos I THINK cake flour has less gluten so maybe can't rise so well. Hrmmmm...

Also made Orange Maple Syrup Sandwich Cookies.

The cookies' texture was more like CAKE tho. So... Let's call it Orange Maple Syrup Sandwich Cakes. Not too bad if you have in mind that it's a CAKE, and not a cookie. :P

The choc mousse on top of the cupcake and used for sandwiching between the cookie/cake was also from the vegan cupcakes book. I used chinese tofu cos that's all mommy could find in the supermarket nearby. Just try my luck ya? It turned out ok but prob not as smooth since it isn't SILKEN tofu. I'm not experienced with tofu. So I gotta get my hands on some silken tofu to be able to compare. :P

Anyway, I can't quite remember how choc mousse is supposed to be like. So I can only let my sis taste it. After all, she LOVES choc mousse.

No reviews from anyone else. But I personally think today's food suck. Prob cos I missed out ingredients and stuff like that. :(

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