Saturday, July 14, 2007

Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins - Try 2

Although I've been home the entire week cos I sprained my ankle and can't go to work, I didn't manage to bake AT ALL. That's rather depressing for me because I love to bake. And when I'm home and have nothing to do, I should be baking! But mommy wouldn't allow it cos she said that it'll hurt my other leg if I put my weight on just that foot too much. She's right though. I didn't walk around very much (or so I think) but my right leg is starting to ache rather badly. The right ankle and calf. Sigh.

So, enough of my gripes...

Second try at Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins today! I remember that the previous try was a little too dry. So today, during the second bake, I watched the muffins a little more closely. I baked it for a little less than 10 mins (proposed time was 12 mins). The top was rather brown though I baked on the second lowest tray... Guess it was a bit overcooked?

Personally, I think the insides were nice and moist. Just that, it could have been a tad bit more moist. So, I guess I still overbaked it a little... BUT the top was nice and crunchy and had a nice taste to it. So, give and take some I guess...

Also baked some mini-muffins using the same batter... But dropped the temp and time a little...

Er jie: Nice... can be a little more moist... Prefer normal sized muffins to the mini muffins.Dad: Hrmm! Nicer than last week's! (Maple Syrup Muffins that was too kueh-ish)

This was from Batch 3. The ONLY ONE with a nice HIGH peak. I think it's cos the batter was thicker at the bottom. Guess I didn't mix it properly. But I was so scared I'd overmix! Some muffins also had more choc chips than others... NOT GOOD! :(

I ate this muffin, to see if it was too dry or anything inside. But it was great. Moist but not too wet, and tasty. :)

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