Sunday, August 5, 2007

Graham Crackers, Orange Chiffon, Hamburger Bun, Choc Chip Cookies

As I've got the entire weekend to myself (after deciding not to go to M'sia), I decided to bake yesterday and today. Well, in fact, I waited for him to wake up and confirm with me that I'm not going before I actually decided to bake. :P

So, over this weekend, I baked a couple of things.

1) Graham Crackers - VEGAN

This is vegan because there's no egg. I used normal sugar though, since I'm not really vegan but I'm really into vegan recipes cos too much egg for my parents ain't too healthy. :P

For this, I omitted the molasses and used brown sugar instead since I read somewhere that brown sugar is just sugar with molasses added to it. How true that is, I'm not sure. But well, it turned out ok...

Thing is, it gets crispy if I bake it for a longer time, but it ALWAYS gets soggy again. Maybe it's the humidity?

I also used water instead of the rice milk they asked for.

Me: I liked it. Tasted yummy. I love the taste of whole wheat.
Er jie: Don't like it! Tastes healthy...
Dad: Not bad... (kind of non-committal kind of answer.)

2) Orange Chiffon Cake

This is the whole cake. It's the same recipe I made previously. But I halved the batch because I didn't have enough eggs in the house. I made this because when I made the biscuits, mommy asked if what I was making is hard. She'd just plucked a tooth, so she can't eat hard things. She then commented that it'll be nice to eat chiffon cake. And so, here it is, just for her! :P

I gotta say mommy was rather surprised. But I'm glad to make her something she likes. Mommy LOVES light cakes like that.

I made 4 cupcakes from the remainder of the batter.

Mommy: Nice! Not too sweet.
Dad: Nice! (dad loves orange flavoured desserts)
Me: Quite light and nice. But the cupcake versions sank when I left it on the table without letting it cool upside down. :(

3) Hamburger Bun

I've been wanting to try my hands on making a hamburger bun again for a long time. Mommy reminded me last weekend to start eating up the yummy sun-dried tomato canned tunas we got from Perth during our last holiday. So, it was time to make bread. Sure, hamburger buns and tuna may not match that well. But it IS some kinda bread. So it'll work out somehow I'm sure. :P It's gonna be my breakfast tomorrow!

I thought it looked nice in the oven...

It ended up pretty white. Prob cos I glazed it with really watery oatmilk. Or maybe I should just say water. But I remember reading somewhere that water would cause the bread to brown too! So, I don't know why it didn't brown very well. Now, where did I see that article??

Me: Seems rather soft from the bit I took to try. But still appears to be harder than hamburger buns we get outside. Most of the sesame seeds also fell off...

4) Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm really into vegan baking now. So, tried my hands on these vegan cookies. It appears that vegan cookies tend to be chewy? Or maybe, it's just the recipes I've managed to find. I am extremely bad at googling. And recipes never seem to really tell you if it's crispy or chewy. :( I'm not going to buy another vegan book until I can get the vegan cupcakes right though. I think there's something VERY wrong with me and vegan baking.

But these cookies were OK I think...

Anyway, I used AP flour and less choc chips than stated. Also omitted the nuts cos mine seemed stale. Baked about 5 mins longer than the recipe stated too...

Er jie: Seems lou feng, and too sweet.
Me: I kinda like it. Rather addictive though I doubt many people like such soft chewy cookies. I wonder if it'll be better if I bake it longer. Perhaps, I should try that.


note to self: I gotta get down to typing down my recipes. But it's such a hassle! :(

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