Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beginning to love cooking chinese food... ;)

Been up and about this weekend with Soon Kueh (again, but double the amount this round), donuts and paus. Ok fine. So donuts aren't chinese food. But Soon Kueh and paus are!

Soon Kueh:

The skin

Filling fried by mommy

Finished product! PRETTY!!!! :P

And... I made the red bean paste for the pau on my own! Hee! It was way simpler than I thought, and I'd definitely do it again! In short, just cook the red bean paste till its soft, blend it, fry it with sugar. And viola! There it is! ;) Everything's just to taste. That's what I love about chinese food. No weighing no nothing. Simple. Just use your tongue (which may, or may not work well. Lolz)

My first red bean paste...

And my very first red bean paus.. heh

So, the first round of pau on sat was rather bad - recipe was from a book at mph. The paus came out HARD. I kinda knew it cos the dough was dry, but I didn't wanna be too adventurous and add more liquid. Sigh. Should have trusted myself! :P

And today, I decided to try to try another 2 pau recipes. They were much better, though the one that used pau flour was much better. I reckon it's because the flour is softer and creates less gluten ;). Sat's one were like ROCKS! Serious! Very firm and bouncy when you press on them. But edible. Though I bet I'd be the only one eating them... So, I freezed them. :P I also freezed half of the donuts. There's is really WAY too much food! I love cooking so much. I wonder why. But I enjoy it... And part of the fun is when people tell you it's better than the previous one, and still give you comments on how to make it better. ;)

Oh! I made meat paus too - er jie's request. But then... forgot to add spring onions. So the meat is REALLY meaty. Haha... ah wells! That was last minute (couldn't let the dough over-rise). So, better than nothing! Next time will be better. ;)

Meat Pau: softer skins! But... not fluffy!! :(


The ones in front were made from the remainder of the yeast solution from the pau cos I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the yeast. :P They were a little tough for donuts, so I'll call them bread! Heheh..

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