Sunday, May 11, 2008

Recent Bakes

19 April 08:
1) Choc Chip Cookie

2) Green Tea & Cinnamon Cookie (a bit weird. :P)

27 April 2008:
Blueberry Pancakes!

3 May 2008:
Chocolate Mousse Cake - Mousse was more like cream though. Hrmm..

10 May 2008:
1) Scone aka Cinnamon Bun
Was supposed to be cinnamon roll but I added too much water. It was so sticky, so I just mashed it up, put the filling inside and closed it up. It was all sticky, but after baking, it was soft and nice. ;) Could have had more filling though!

2) Pandan Cake (was supposed to be chiffon cake but it is so heavy, I shall call it pandan cake)

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