Sunday, March 20, 2011

Green Tea Souffle Cake with Red Bean Paste Filling

Tried making my own red bean paste filling, based on Okashi book. Problem is that the weight and everything was kind of screwed up cos I threw away SO MANY spoilt beans. Plus I left some of the beans for dad to eat.

The resultant red bean paste was nice and sweet when hot, but was not sweet enough (to me) when cold.

The cake was also chewier than usual, and I think it's cos I used a different type of milk this time, and maybe cos I didn't cook the flour long enough in the pan (recipe claims that this helps reduce the amount of gluten, resulting in a lighter sponge - I wasn't sure how long to cook it but seem to recall I cooked it for a lot longer the previous time I made this recipe).

No one actually wanted to try this cake. Cyn thought it look funny. Haha.

I thought it actually rolled up quite nicely!

In any case, I think I should have added a chocolate glaze between the cake and red bean paste to give it a fuller feel.

Let's try and see how it goes next time!

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