Saturday, June 23, 2007

Eggless Cupcakes

I tried this recipe that actually started out being margarita cupcakes. But as they were vegan, no eggs! Healthy! So I tried it out. Problem: There's no tequila or lime in the house. So, I used lemon juice instead of tequila cos I'm not really an alcohol lover (but I think it'll make a whole world of difference). Used orange instead of lime. Crazy girl here. I'm really an amateur, but I made such drastic changes to the recipe. :P Who cares!

They didn't rise very much. Turned out quite thin and kueh-like. Rather moist and dense, though not as much as muffins are.

They also didn't come out browned. But they were cooked by 20mins. So, that's that. I also didn't do the frostings cos (1) I was lazy; and (2) frostings are fattening.

For the second batch, I added chocolate chips. I didn't want to mix the batter somemore (ok, I actually forgot) so I just plonked about 5 chips into each cup and pushed them in with a spoon. Then topped with an additional one on top so that I could tell that these are the ones with choc chips. These cooked a little longer. 25mins. Still kueh-like, but didn't stick to the paper cups as much...

Cyn: So weird! Why so flat! Taste not bad...
Mommy: *nods* not bad!
Dad: Very nice! Just needs better packaging... :P (Dad loves kuehs...)
Me: I think it's kueh-like and too flat and just weird. :( Taste-wise, not bad.

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