Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pineapple Bun & Cinnamon Roll (turned bread)

Tried making pineapple bun again today!

This time, I feel that it's quite a success because the bread is light and soft! The way I like it, not sure if it's like that in real-life. It's been years since I last ate one from the stores...

The topping on some of the buns cracked while I was letting it sit to rest. I guess the slices were too deep. Oops.

Anyway, I think it's light because I used oil. I didn't wanna use the mixer today because I'd have to carry it out of the storeroom. A chore, if you ask me. I need a bigger kitchen. Or perhaps, just a kitchen of my own. Heh... So, I did all the mixing and kneading by hand. And so, I didn't want to have to work with SOLIDS. So, oil it was.

It was really great. :)

Mom: Yup, nice...

Not very encouraging, but I'll monitor and see if anyone eats it. That IS the best check, after all.

Once cold, hardened a bit. And a bit dry and flaky. Food for thought.


While waiting for the pineapple bun's first rise, I wanted to use up the left over cinnamon sugar I had, so I decided to make cinnamon rolls as well... This was quite a disaster, as you will see.

I don't know if it's because I didn't use the mixer, but the dough was EVEN STICKER than the previous time. So much so, it was IMPOSSIBLE to roll it out and then make it into rolls. I almost wanted to throw the dough away. But that would be a total waste! I decided to think of alternatives. I thought of using my muffin trays, but was worried it'll be hard to wash as I remember that such doughs stick to the pans. My muffin trays are precious (and non-stick for now). So, I decided to just oil a baking pan, and put layers of dough and cinnamon sugar alternately. Then cover with greased cling-wrap and let it rise in the microwave. Then baked for 15mins at approx 180 celsius.

And out came...

Really ugly looking Cinnamon Bread instead of cinnamon rolls. But apparently smelled good cos Dad just came back and went "wah! smells good! can I have some?" So I got him a piece...

Clearly way too little cinnamon sugar there. Hrm. Can I melt some and use as topping? Else, the bread is really too bland. Though super nice and light. I love light bread. :P

So, I guess it is true. The more hydrated your bread, the lighter it is.

Dad: *frown* I prefer the kuehs (i.e the eggless cupcakes)

*update* after the kueh's were gone, daddy DID eat the cinnamon bread and said it was nice. :) Great!

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