Sunday, June 3, 2007


Decided to bake some lamingtons in the afternoon today. I've never had any. But I was looking in my recipe books for something new and light to try. Wanted to make orange chiffon today, but there was no orange in the house. Hah.

The cake base for this recipe is REALLY light. Lots of eggs so it tasted like the chinese 鸡蛋糕 (loosely translated to egg cake). It was so nice on its own, I decided to leave half of it as it is, and make lamingtons with the rest. I wasn't too sure if the lamingtons would be nice cos I've never ate any before. Better keep what I think is nice first! :P

This is how the lamingtons look. Not too bad I'd think! It tasted good too. I like the coconut-y taste. :)

Reviews from others:
Cyn - Nice! Never liked lamingtons but this is nice! Ate 2! :)

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