Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pineapple Bun

Tried out the Pineapple Bun recipe from Straits Times Newspaper on 15 Aug 2010. But unfortunately, I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the most important things like water and eggs so the dough and topping were too wet..

Dough was rather flat after baking (maybe cos topping too heavy?)
Well dad didn't really like it. I quite like the topping cos it's crispy and eggy. haha.. But TOTALLY not like pineapple bun. And dad agrees on this! In fact, he said "i'll buy you a real one to let you try". Except that I totally can't eat it. :(

Wanted to try making it again tonight, but then, got lazy and felt that it would never be good. But, I think I should give it another chance. Perhaps next week!

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