Saturday, February 12, 2011

Green Tea Chiffon

Alright, the photo is really noob-ish.

But the cake was great! Again, from Okashi: Sweet Treats Made With Love.

It was perfect in many aspects:

1. Moist

2. Spongy

3. Light

4. Not too sweet nor bitter

5. Smooth texture

Like, really good, if I may say so myself. Of course, the reviews above came from the family not just me.

Personally, I would have preferred a lighter cake, but everyone seems to like it, so that’s what matters.

I also wish I had a taller cake, but I really think I’m insane if I’m going to buy ANOTHER tube pan. This recipe calls for 20cm tube pan, while I only have a 21cm and a 23cm tube pan. One more tube pan seems a little excessive to me.

In any case, I’m rather pleased because I had actually very slightly tweaked the recipe – more whites than called for. And it works! Read from ieatishootipost that more whites give better texture.

Also, baked at the lowest rack, as mentioned also by ieatishootipost’s detailed explanation of how chiffon cakes can be made.

There are so many things that cooking books don’t tell you! But there are also many great tips in Okashi that seemed to help too! YAY!!!

I love this book. :)

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