Friday, February 4, 2011

Green Tea Cakes

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I tried 2 different cake recipes today. Both were originally supposed to be cake rolls/swiss rolls, but I just sliced them up and piled them on to make a cake.

First one was Green Tea Souffle Cake Roll from the Okashi book.

The process was lengthy (took me more than half hour to get everything ready and into the oven). But the cake rose pretty well, though not as nice as the one in the book. Cake was also nice, moist and smooth.

Next cake was the Green Tea Genoise from Second time I'm trying out this recipe. It didn't rise as high as the first cake though it DIDN'T taste more dense. However, perhaps because different flour type was used here, the cake was rougher in texture. The difference in texture between the 2 cakes was very obvious.

Here, I tried glazing the cake with chocolate glaze before placing fondant on. It definitely helped to stick the fondant to the cake, but did not help cake to have a smooth surface. Maybe I should use a thicker layer, or actually slice the cake straight first! :P

Chocolate glaze may not be a good choice because the colour seeps into the fondant over time. Buttercream may be a better choice... hmm..

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