Saturday, January 22, 2011

Panda Bread

Or so it was supposed to be..

Well, if I told you it was a panda, and showed you what it's supposed to look like, you might just realise it DOES look like a panda... Somehow... like a lop-sided panda....

I was "forced" to half the recipe as I didn't have enough green tea powder in stock. :( Hence the rectangular shaped bread...

Well, it wasn't too bad, except I added too much water so the dough was really soft (hence the lop-sidedness)

But the bread was soft and tasted like plain bread, except for the green tea part that I thought was too bitter..

Cyn liked it cos it was cute. Surprisingly ate quite a bit. Commented that it's ok that it taste like plain bread cos some ppl might like to make sandwiches with such bread..

Maybe I can make sweet bread version and normal version.

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