Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake

During christmas, my aunt and uncle attempted to make "cream" using tofu, as I am allergic to dairy products. Real dairy free cream doesn't seem available where I'm at. :(

The tiramisu cake base they made was really nice. It had a nice coffee taste to it - they used Kahlua and coffee. It was great!

But the cream, it had this strange "tasteless" feeling, cos it is tofu after all.

After that experience, I googled around a bit and found this vegan chocolate mousse cake on I've tried making mousse with tofu previously, but I always prefer the version with egg as the taste is more intense and it's very light. With tofu, it's has a creamy feel, but there's always a strange after-taste that makes me feel like vomitting. May sound exagerrating, but I really felt nauseous in church this morning.

Anyhow, I thought the cake was not too bad, for a vegan cake (reduced sugar to 150g). I had to cut off the domed tops of the cakes - they were really hard, and not tastey. The rest of the cake was really like sponge cakes. The cake was also a little reddish-brown at some parts of the cake, looking like red velvet cake to me (never ate one in my life).

Cyn and Dad both ate 2 slices! That's a new for my cakes.

They both liked the look of the cake - unlike the blackforest cake where the filling was wet and flowy, this was solid.

"This tastes like.... chocolate cake!"
Haha.. This was funny cos she realised it WAS a chocolate cake.
She liked the cake (said that without prompting so I guess she really liked it).
She says the mousse is ok. I asked if it needed to be more chocolatey, but she said it was ok the way it was.

Texture of the cake (without the top) was surprisingly nice. And it's vegan!
The mousse wasn't exciting for me though.

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