Sunday, August 10, 2014

Castella (Kasutera) Cake

Because it's National Day weekend, I feel extremely festive. It's kind of weird because I'm no longer schooling and so we don't really hold celebrations for National Day.. But it's just feels so holiday-like.

So anyways, this cake needs to rest in the refrigerator for a minimum of 12 hours after baking, in order to retain its moisture. At least that's what the recipes I've read on this say. So, I actually made this yesterday and patiently let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

I was actually worried about the cake sinking because the author of the recipe I followed said it could be an issue. Thankfully, the cakes rose perfectly, and didn't sink. The crust was wrinkly, but I can totally live with that. ;)

I usually reduce the amount of sugar in recipes by at least a quarter (because as I age, my taste buds don't quite take to overly sweet desserts. But in this case, I followed the recipe to the tee. Simply because I wanted to be sure that if it flopped, it's because I have bad techniques, and not because I decided to play around with the recipe.

I'm really thankful that I own a kitchenaid mixer, because the instructions were super specific as to the speed I'm which I should mix the ingredients at each step. Happy!

I love my mixer

I would love to make this again, but maybe with a matcha spin the next time. I saw a recipe for Castella with Matcha Swirls! A matcha Castella sounds delicious too, but Mom & Dad don't like Matcha cakes. So, I got to weigh the pros and cons here! Or maybe.... An orange spin to it. They love orange cakes. Hmm!

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