Saturday, August 30, 2014

Snowskin Mooncakes

It's Mid Autumn Festival again!

I've been lazy this year, so I had actually planned NOT to make any mooncakes this year. We're all getting older and don't really like sweet stuff anymore. However, my dad (despite him being 34 years older than me) still has a sweet tooth, so I made a small batch (read: 33 small mooncakes).

Thank God I made it, because in that way, I could keep up with the tradition of giving a box to my Grandma, Uncle and Aunt. Between the 3 of them, there were only 8 pieces. I reckon that's more than enough since it's only about a week more to Mid Autumn!

I'm loving the design on this new mooncake mould, BUT I no longer have it because it was a little defective but the store ran out of stock. -______- I hope they sell this design again next year!

Pandan Flavoured Snowskin Mooncake
Sis2 prefers the pandan flavour, so I always make 2 batches - one white, one green. I personally prefer the white one but if I don't make the pandan one, she wouldn't eat any. So, 2 batches it is! ^^

To be honest, I made this when I was actually a little unwell. So I kept adding too much water to the dough. It's depressing because I know it could have been nicer. Now it's a little too sticky. (◞‸◟)

That said, the mooncakes got wiped out in 5 days, so that says something? Heh. 

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