Sunday, August 17, 2014

Poh Piah

So, dad finally got me a voltage converter for my food processor. Happy~ Now my food processor is up and running!

I never expected the converter to be this bulky (and heavy)

I obviously had to make good use of the food processor now that it's finally working (after sitting in the store room for a little more than a year).

Pretty in Pastel Pink!
(Ok, mom and Er Jie felt it was a sickly colour. In their words, it was lak sek, ie the colour looked faded)

So, after much brainstorming, Mom suggested that we make Poh Piah. Great idea! We haven't had it for maybe 10 years (maybe more), since it's hard work to grate the vegetables.

With the food processor, it was chop, throw in, whizz. DONE!

The only problem we had was finding Poh Piah skins. We were hoping to be able to find some closeby, but no. We had to drive out. (Thank God for Google)

Nonetheless, Mom and I had a good trip out (bought some breakfast for Dad and Sis), and came back to create a yummilicious lunch.

So here's our lunch. Mom whipped these up really quickly. She's an amazing cook.

Happy days! With the right tools, everything is much easier.

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