Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sardine Puffs and Cinnamon Sugar Twists

Mom's been following an "Airfryer" Group on Facebook for a while now. One of the things that people have been making are Curry Puffs / Sardine Puffs, made easy with Roti Prata dough. 

Er Jie has actually (once) made Curry Puffs using puff pastry, and that's what we sought to do. (Puff pastry is to-die-for, in my opinon.)

So, we ended up with a round of crazy feasting for the 2nd day of the National Day weekend! 

I think added onions to the canned sardines, and glazed the top of the pastry. I don't know any more of that since my job was just to roll out the dough. :P

This was post-breakfast, so we had to have a late lunch. *laughs*

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