Saturday, August 16, 2014

Red Bean Pancake 豆沙锅饼 - Take 2

Made red bean pancake again today because the last time I made it, the pancake was too thick. So today, instead of 2 pancakes, the same recipe which resulted in 200ml worth of batter, gave me 4 thinner pancakes. (My skill ain't good enough to get the batter thinner than that)

Waiting to be fried a second time

I may have been a little too greedy with the filling

Left: Before frying for a second time.  Right: After frying & going into the toaster oven.

Unfortunately though, I probably didn't use enough oil to fry it a second time because it wasn't crisp. I had the same problem the last time

Truth be told, I was about to use the 3 tbsp of oil mentioned in the recipe, but Mom commented that it looked like a lot of oil so I took out about half to 3/4 of the oil. Sobs.

I noticed, though, that if I brushed some oil on the pancake and put it in the oven toaster, it would crisp up for a bit. 

Will need to make this again! I really love red bean. ^^

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