Saturday, August 9, 2014

Red Bean Pancakes 豆沙锅饼

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Although this ain't a Singaporean dish, I wanted to make it because I wanted to use up the red bean paste that I made a few weeks back. And what better way, than to make some red bean pancake?

So I found this recipe that claims its the "easy version" of the traditional shanghainese snack.

I learnt a few things from this simplified recipe...
1) Not to use grape seed oil in place of normal vegetable oil.. It leaves a strange after-taste.
2) Just because the recipe says "cook half of the pancake batter", it doesn't mean you have to follow it to the tee. The recipe didn't state the size of the pan to use. And when I cooked half of the batter, the pancake turned out rather thick.  For westernized pancakes, that's something good. But for our purposes here, the aim is to get a THIN layer of batter.

So that's my 200ml of batter. I cooked 100ml in (what is in my opinion) a medium sized flat bottomed pan. And got 2 thick pancakes.
In fact my pancake was too small to wrap around the 10x15cm red bean paste rectangles. So I just sandwiched one red bean paste in the middle. *laughs*

It looked rather decent, methinks. But I really could have done with a thinner pancake. :)
I mean, the ratio of pancake to red bean paste looks like 2:1. That's not right! ^^

Well, I'm going to make this again. The next time, I will use canola oil. And make thinner pancakes. Hopefully it would look like the real thing the next time!

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